Led Bib + Silence Blossoms, 27 April 2014

Doors open 8 pm, Music starts 8.30 pm. Admission price: £8/£6 on the door.
At the Fox and Newt, 9 Burley Street, Leeds LS3 1LD (opposite Park Lane College) Tel: 0113 245 4527. Facebook.

Led Bib

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Mark Holub (drums), Pete Grogan (alto saxophone), Chris Williams (alto saxophone), Liran Donin (double bass), Toby McLaren (keyboards)

Led Bib was formed in 2003 by drummer/composer Mark Holub and played its first gig on February 24th, 2004. The group released their first album in May 2005 to widespread critical praise and went on to win the 2005 Peter Whittingham Jazz Award. Their second album Sizewell Tea was released in 2007 through iconic London based record label Babel. It was quickly followed by a limited edition live release, but it was the release of their 4th album Sensible Shoes that saw them experience widespread acclaim following the announcement that they were chosen as an Album of the Year in the Barclaycard Mercury Prize. The ensuing media storm saw them reach in excess of 20 million people as they performed on TV & Radio sessions including Channel 4 TV News with Jon Snow and playing live on BBC 2.

In 2011 they released Bring Your Own, their second album for US based Cuneiform Records, which was quickly hailed as a stand out success, getting 4 and 5 star reviews across the board. Led Bib continue to appeal to all fans of good music – it’s the reason that drum and bass heads, jazz aficionados and folk and pop fans are dotted across their audiences. They have drawn references from across the musical spectrum from Captain Beefheart and John Zorn to Pink Floyd and Miles Davis.

Silence Blossoms


Sam Andreae – woodwind, electronics, Gus Loxbo – double bass, electronics, Hanna Olivegren Wessblad – voice + special guests

Silence Blossoms (Sam Andreae, Gus Loxbo and Hanna Olivegren) have focused their time playing together on incorporating contemporary poetry into an improvised music setting. Keeping the sensibilities that make improvisation such an exciting format for expression and then introducing structures or familiar shape through the use of voice, melody and texture. They craft the poetry they use into haunting melodies and tie them together with hypnotic and thoughtful improvisations. Inspired in equal parts by free improvisers and song poets such as Leonard Cohen, “Bonnie” Prince Billie, Evan Parker, Derek Bailey, David Sylvian and Otomo Yoshihide. Silence Blossoms draw their line through these two distinctly contrasting yet beautifully complementary forms of music.


Listen to Silence Blossoms here: https://soundcloud.com/silenceblossoms

ACV + KTHXBYE, 28 March 2014

Doors open 8 pm, Music starts 8.30 pm. Admission price: £8/£6 on the door.
At the Fox and Newt, 9 Burley Street, Leeds LS3 1LD (opposite Park Lane College) Tel: 0113 245 4527. Facebook.

NB, For reaons beyond Fusebox’s control Richard Scott’s Lightning Ensemble WILL NOT APPEAR TONIGHT.

Fusebox would like to thank KTHXBYE, (Stian Larsen and Brage Tørmænen) for agreeing to appear  tonight




Paul Edis keyboards, Mark Williams guitar, Graeme Wilson tenor & baritone sax, Andy Champion double bass, Adrian Tilbrook drums

Andy Champion’s Vision was to create compositions diversely inspired by progressive rock, jazz, metal and free improvisation which craft an all-encompassing musical concoction. This newfound blend formed the debut album, Fail In Wood, representing the musical maturation of Champion, both as a composer and performer.

Despite only forming in Spring 2009, ACV have accumulated a vibe around their homegrown area, the Northeast; and recently embarked onto southern territory after performing at the Vortex Jazz Club, London. Now, Andy Champion’s Volvo travels back up to the north to show the Leeds jazz scene what they’re all about and to generate more speculations as to what ACV actually stands for?





Stian Larsen (guitar) Brage Tørmænen (drums)

Excellent Norwegian improvising duo detour to Fusebox for only UK appearance outside London during short tour.

Rare and special!



Let Spin + Dave Kane Solo, Fri 21 Feb, 2014

Doors open 8 pm, Music starts 8.30 pm. Admission price: £8/£6 on the door.
At the Fox and Newt, 9 Burley Street, Leeds LS3 1LD (opposite Park Lane College) Tel: 0113 245 4527. Facebook.



Moss Freed – Guitar, Ruth Goller – Bass, Chris Williams – Saxophone, Finlay Panter – Drums

Formed only in June 2012 Let Spin is a new band with members drawn from some of the UK’s premier “punk jazz” outfits of recent years. Thus Led Bib’s Chris Williams on alto sax joins forces with Acoustic Ladyland’s Ruth Goller on electric bass, Moss Freed (of Moss Project) on guitar and, fulfilling the Manchester connection, Fin Panter of Beats & Pieces Big Band at the drums.

As such the band’s musical direction is varied without being wayward, diverse without feeling unfocused – riffs and grooves rub shoulders with rowdy free playing and softer melodies, and despite the imaginative mixture of ideas on offer there’s a cohesive element at work that ties the overall sound together. It’s a winning formula that’s gone down very well with audiences on their previous tours, and with the release of their eponymous debut album announced to coincide with a UK tour, February 2014 will see Let Spin hit the road again with renewed energy.

Check out some great reviews from their London Jazz Festival appearance here: www.mossfreed.com

Tour flyer attached…spread the word

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“Modern, hectic and gleefully bizarre. They had the audience spellbound.” London Jazz

“Let Spin embrace rock fury and sonic overload. The audience absolutely loved it and hollered for an encore.” The Jazz Mann

“Let Spin explore quirky themes, dark textures and knotty improv to fine effect.” TimeOut


Dave Kane – acoustic bass

Dave Kane has been a key part of the Leeds based scene originally based around LIMA and now a key member of the Fusebox collective. Appearances for Fusebox have seen him in company with Alex Bonney, Paul Hession and Karl D’Silva, as leader of an expanded Rabbit Project Orchestra, as a member of Collider alongside Matthew Bourne, Chris Sharkey and Chris Bussey and as part of a wholly improvised session involving Paul Dunmall, Matthew Bourne, Le Quan Ninh, Corey Mwamba and Chris Sharkey.

Tonight sees a rare solo performance in which Dave will explore fully the sonic possibilities of his instrument and more…