Taupe, 11 Mar, 2016

Doors open 8 pm, Music starts 8.30 pm. Admission price: £8/£6 on the door.At the Fox and Newt, 9 Burley Street, Leeds LS3 1LD (opposite Park Lane College) Tel: 0113 245 4527. Facebook




Adam Stapleford – drums, Mike Parr Burman – guitar and electronics, Jamie Stockbridge – saxaphones

Taupe are a Newcastle upon Tyne based trio specialising in razor-sharp polyrhythmic play, exploratory improvisation and raw, high energy live performance.
The group’s sound is built of influences drawing from free jazz and math metal to hip hop grooves and post bop, with a healthy dollop of skronk, all navigated down a path that seeks to blur the line between carefully constructed rhythmic compositions and explosive group improvisation. Taupe thrive on the danger of this ambiguity, deconstructing their music in real time to weave fresh and dynamic paths through their material with each performance.
Taupe have been described as a ‘power- jazz commando team’ and also ‘a band’.

They self-released their first album in March 2014 and continue to work towards material for a follow-up release this year.

Survival Skills

Chris Sharkey – guitar

Survival Skills is the solo, improvised music of Chris Sharkey, former guitarist for trioVD and Acoustic Ladyland. It has no fixed instrumentation but often the electric guitar, effects pedals, vocals, synths and other hardware are processed and layered to create dense, slowly shifting textures where rhythms are created from cracks, pops and noise with harmony emerging from hums and feedback.

The main goals are to slow down the creative process and listening experience while eliminating the sound of the individual tools in order to create an audio object as physical as a painting or sculpture. Like placing one note or sound under a magnifying glass, then watching and listening to the results in slow-motion.